About us

The Integrity Initiative 

Information is the basis of democracy. Without information, there can be no informed debate, and no informed decision-making. 

However, the integrity of modern information flows and systems is under constant attack by state and non-state actors. Such actors deliberately target the West's information systems with disinformation in an attempt to disrupt decision-making, and divide and demoralise the publics in different countries. Their tools range from big-budget production companies to anonymous social-media accounts and memes. 

In response to this threat, a number of actors, both governmental and non-governmental, have launched projects to identify, classify and expose disinformation. Some are limited to specific geographical areas or subjects; others are focused on a specific response. 

The purpose of the Integrity Initiative is to highlight the challenge of disinformation within our societies and democratic institutions, and explore the possible responses, by bringing the latest research and analysis together in a single platform. Our aim is to aggregate, collate and share information about disinformation, so that the integrity of our democratic processes can be maintained. 

The Integrity Initiative is a partnership led by the Institute for Statecraft, an independent, non-partisan institute based in London.