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It may seem strange, but the Kremlin's propaganda machine is not backing US Presidential Republican Candidate Donald Trump. It has a bigger goal: Discrediting democracy in the United States. 

The Kremlin's main propaganda outlets in the US are the television station RT—formerly Russia Today—and the radio and online outlet Sputnik. Both are headed by Kremlin loyalists and closely mirror Russia's foreign policy. While their effect on the presidential race is likely to be minimal, their reporting is useful for the insight it provides into the Kremlin's intentions.    

Many Western commentators have called Russia's seizure of Crimea a new type of warfare. But is it really? This hazy mix of political, covert, economic and other activity ─ things like espionage, provocation and propaganda ─ is actually only the latest chapter in a 100-year-old playbook the Bolsheviks called "active measures".